Now is not a time for an existential crisis so let's not go too deep into that...  But professionally: He's an ASU Alumni focused on changing the way you think of theatre and video design! He has worked for OSF (Oregon Shakespeare Festival),  PBS, and annually for the LDI Trade Show since 2013. His work on Honky at San Diego Rep can be seen on Onstage In America. His recent work has been with Childsplay in Tempe Arizona bringing projections to children's theatre in the valley, and he's looking to help with your next big project!


Daniel is the 2nd Certified Trainer in North America for Dataton WATCHOUT. His background and knowledge of the award winning projection mapping software has currently brought him to Chicago working for the NA Distributor. He travels across the US to teach WATCHOUT, set up installations, and provides tech support. Keep an eye out for upcoming classes on the Dataton website.



Daniel has worked throughout his professional career to bring sets to life with projection. His roots come from over a decade of Graphic Design training and half a decade in Motion Graphics!  His audiences have been from all sorts of age groups and demographics.


Aside from theatre Daniel likes to collaborate with artists and people outside of the industry on projects. From Film, Art instillation, Clubs, Conventions, and more. Video can extend out into every field. Daniel loves collaborating with all artists, because there's an unlimited potential to what can be done!

HE'S A TOTALLY RAD DUDE (do people say that anymore)

When he's not working on a project he likes to stay up to date on the latest design trends, music scenes, and supporting local businesses. He has recently started streaming on twitch for design work and video games, keeping in contact with his followers and supporters. He has also developed a brand of tees called Butch Queen with over 90 designs on his society6, not including his regular designed tees. He has a loud political stance since his life is "political" as a member of the LGBTQA+ Community, Latino Community, and Artist where we have to justify our craft, even though our world would be less entertaining or colorful without us.

He's also currently an active member in the Pet Play community, Board Member of CPP (Chicago Puppy Patrol) a not for profit club organization aimed to bring together pet play enthusiasts and handlers. His philosophy is that all people are capable of unconditional love. He helps share the message of living like a pup where ever he goes. Daniel is not afraid of sharing this identity with others since it literally is not hurting anyone or interfering with his work. If you are interested in Pup Play or Pet Play please check out sites like petplay.info or search "puppy play" and "wattsthesafeword" on youtube. And before you judge it from the sub community it is a part of, ask yourself, if it's helping me view the world from a place of love and compassion and understanding consent in all aspects, is it hurting you? What's the point of lying about yourself, when you can be 100% you. I don't have time to keep up with lie after lie, life is short I'd rather do my work, have my fun, and enjoy life.

Life is too short to be caught up in sadness, forgive and forget the small things, but it's perfectly fine to protect yourself from harmful situations including negative people. Just remember to share the love, but also remember to love yourself.  Never sacrifice your happiness for others, but first look into what happiness means to you. In his case, it's giving back somehow and providing a safe space to be yourself.

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