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The Fall of
Rangi Pouri


Set in 1358 DR (Time of Troubles) The forgotten hidden continent of Rangi Pouri's empire is falling due Bane and Myrkul's attept to steal the Tablets of Fate from the overdeity Ao. Myrkul's imminent attack on Rangi Pouri is due to rumors of having a portal between Toril and Abeir. 3 Runes appearing as clouds seem to counter the storm that has been protecting the hidden continent for centuries to stop momentarily for approximately 3 days at a time. At the time of this campaign there is a window that a group of travelers in search of treasure in the jungles on Maztica. During their voyage one of the runes was disrupted putting them in the middle of the storm. The ship is tossed around the sea finally ending up on one of the islands of Rangi Pouri thus only the heroes survive to find themselves searching for a way home, while the islands and city fall apart.


This will be a self contained campaign that may be altered to shift between dimensions to Abeir or Toril, or stay on one of the 2 worlds. The idea is the same as any DND game, it's up to the party to: decide the fate of the island, or to try to escape back home, or even stay as citizens.

DM/GMs encouraged to use as building blocks in their own stories to build onto the history or finish the legacy of what has become after the Fall in current times. The time period can change, just know if it is set after 1358 DR the fall of the civilization has started and after 1400 DR the islands are accessible to the larger world, but will still involve rough waters and storms.

The World of Rangi Pouri

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