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NEW! I'm starting to make maps for TTRPG / D&D games. Here are just a few! feel free to use them in games. Just know there is some LORE to them as well you can see below. All I ask is please contact me if you use them I'd love to see a live play of this world come to life!

You can download the full over 4k quality maps when hovering on the desktop site.

NOTE: The following is a Work in Progress.  Originally posted here still migrating some things over

Forest Scene

The Fall of
Rangi Pouri


Set in 1358 DR (Time of Troubles) The forgotten hidden continent of Rangi Pouri's empire is falling due Bane and Myrkul's attempt to steal the Tablets of Fate from the overdeity Ao. Myrkul's imminent attack on Rangi Pouri is due to rumors of having a portal between Toril and Abeir. 3 Runes appearing as clouds seem to counter the storm that has been protecting the hidden continent for centuries to stop momentarily for approximately 3 days at a time. During this time the island will start being attacked by either Bane and or Myrkul's armies. At the start of this campaign there is a window that a group of travelers (your party) is in search of treasure in the jungles on Maztica. During their voyage one of the runes was disrupted putting them in the middle of the storm. The ship is tossed around the sea finally ending up on one of the islands of Rangi Pouri thus only the heroes survive to find themselves searching for a way home, while the islands and city fall apart. 


This is to be a self contained campaign that may be altered to shift between dimensions to Abeir or Toril, or stay on one of the 2 worlds. The idea is the same as any DND game, it's up to the party to: decide the fate of the island, or to try to escape back home, or even stay as citizens. DM/GMs encouraged to use as building blocks in their own stories to build onto the history or finish the legacy of what has become after the Fall in current times. The time period can change, just know if it is set after 1358 DR (the fall of the civilization has started) and after 1400 DR (the islands are accessible to the larger world, but will still involve rough waters and storms.)

DALL·E 2022-12-16 13.16.38 - island timeline drawing on d&d parchment of ancient war, migr

Notable History

  • −31,000 DR The Tearfall - Ao sundered the world into two worlds: Abeir and Toril

  • −21,000 DR Rangi Pouri is created by AO and Whaea Motu (the island mother) to shift between Abeir and Toril as a portal between worlds Populated by High Elves, Fire Genasi and Water Genasi.

  • - 19,058 DR to -19,030 DR War of the Genasi (local event) A civil war between the water and fire Genasi over controlling the land's growth. This was a 20+ year war that ended in 2 major islands forming and a vast sea of mist between the islands.

  • −17,600 DR The Sundering - a High Magic ritual cast by the greatest elven high mages of the Tel-quessir during the period of the First Flowering.

  • -16,000 DR to -15,900 DR Establishment of the Protectors (local event) This 100 year war was between the High Elves and Genasi. After their civil war had died down and the islands formed the High Elves tried to take control of the lands. This resulted in the establishment of the Sky Temple, a hidden temple in the mist between the islands where the Protectors established a base to look over the lands.

  • −9000 DR to −3000 DR The Founding Time - The period when the humanoid civilizations began to rise, in a time when the many dragons and giants were long overthrown, and the elf wars no longer loomed over everyone as a threat.

  • -7000 DR to -6500DR The Dragonborn Assimilation (local event) A group of Dragonborn are lead by Whaea to discover the islands. During this time there was yet another war know as CW3 (Civil War 3) a 500 year war where the Dragonborn had to fight to become apart of the society. After a resolution to the war they grew to be major protectors of the secret civilization for their common goal in supporting a community.

  • −3500 DR to −1000 DR The Tampering of Cycles (local event) - This is the period where Guardians of the Land discover the cycles between rifts are becoming irregular through this time the rifts gradually grow faster.

  • −3000 DR to 1358 DR Age of Humanity - This period began with the decline of the elven and dwarven empires and the flourishing and expansion of the human empires around the world.

  • −1000 DR to 1358 DR Time of Disavowment (local event) - The Rift cycles are completely unstable speeding up to a point where it's unclear when exactly Rangi Pouri will be either on Abeir or Toril and sometimes both at the same time. Ao ignores the rifts assuming it won’t matter, since it is a hidden civilization that seldom leaves to the outside world. Whaea grows angry with AO starting to guide outsiders to the island, that she feels can help save it.

  • 1358 DR The Time of Troubles. The Time of Troubles was a period during which the deities of Faerûn were forced to walk the earth in their mortal avatar forms


The World of Rangi Pouri

Rangi Pouri Map XXL.jpg

Rangi Pouri (the continent)

Rangi Pouri (Dark Sky), is not a solo world, it is a crescent moon shaped continent in the middle of the Trackless Sea West of Faerûn between Chult and Maztika Surrounded by a constant magical storm miles from the coast of the island, cast by the people to protect themselves from the outside world. Rangi Pouri thought to be 2 islands actually consists of 2 islands and a floating sky temple civilization that hides in the fogs of the waters between the 2 lands. The islands shift between dimensions to Abeir and Toril due the portal Tuhinga o Mua that is the center of Temepara Rangi. The islands are connected to the same main land mass under water. The volcanos are dormant and under control by both efforts of the water and fire Genasi. A thick fog separates the islands hiding the floating sky temple. The inspiration of Rangi Pouri comes from various islands around the world that have multiple terrains and animals that can almost seem alien to most like New Zealand, Galapagos, and Socotra. Although the islands have survived thousands of years on it's own, so have the dangers of the island that moved it's civilizations into the mountains, jungles, and mainlands.

Rangi Pouri Parchment.jpg

Major Locations

- Maunga Pouri (the larger island)

Maunga Pouri (The Dark Mountain) is the large crescent shaped mountainous island of Rangi Pouri. This island hosts various jungles, mountains, mines, and most of the earlier civilizations. Ruins line the shorelines and jungles. Watchtowers line the over all coast looking for wrecked ships and survivors.

- Atarangi (the smaller island)

Atarangi (Shadowlands) is a small island in the center of Maunga Pouri that stays mostly in the shadow of the main island. Although named the Shadowlands, this island is the main source of farmland.

- Temepara Rangi (the sky temple between islands)

Temepara Rangi (The Sky Temple) - Is a hidden sky temple masked by fog above the waters between the two islands. Although many know of it, not many on both islands know where exactly it is within the fog between the islands. Most leaders have sworn to keep it a secret to it's citizens for it's protection. Some believe it to be a myth.

- The Guardian's Temple

One of the many floating islands of the Temepara Rangi this sets far above others matching the peak of Maunga Pouri. This temple overlooks all islands and the sky temple and where the Guardians perform their protective, or so we think, rituals of the islands. This is one of the oldest temples the island has, rarely touched by the latest architecture trends, unlike the rest of the islands.

- Tuhinga o Mua

Tuhinga o Mua (the Portal of Entry) is a portal in the center of Temepara Rangi and causes momentary rifts to bring the island between worlds that originally happened every 5 centuries, has now become unstable. Most have heard of rumors of this existing, but some that have seen it or heard of it, also believe it no longer is an active portal.

Rangi Pouri Parchment.jpg

Minor Locations

-Cities of Maunga Pouri

The larger island although mostly steep mountains have several intertwined colonies along the inner mountain side and inside the mountains. The technology of these untouched civilizations has grown to not need many trails, but many old ones exist and are used for casual walks. The architecture of these colonies is very eclectic, but all the same volcanic rock texture. Ornate detail in would be ruins have been preserved and modified over the years. You can see what would look like modern geometric shapes at their foundation turn into detailed beautiful roman like sculptures modified at the heads or hands to hold up levitating structures. This goes for most of the cities on the inside of the island.

-Colonies of Atarangi

The flatter darker lands of Atarangi are much more simple than the Cities of Maunga Pouri. Although the land is mostly dark from the shadows of the larger island, this is where a lot of the agriculture happens. The flatter lands allow for more crops to be made than those on the hill side. Here you will find closer to the "small town" life as people are more concerned about providing for the rest of the island. A solution for the lack of sun has caused large biodome like structures to be built to allow for year long harvest.

-The Jungles of Maunda Pouri

The outside of the island remains to look like just a normal mountain, maybe a few holes for lookouts watching the seas. The beaches have older remains of civilizations abandoned over the years as people made their way inland for survival. The outside jungles before the mountain can be dangerous and heavily trapped for warn off people coming to the islands uninvited. Minor villages still exist, not as extravagant as the cities, but with the same technology. These smaller villages are built in the trees of the jungles. Patrols are set to watch in case of shipwrecks and to help those lost at sea. If they do not see people as a threat they can help navigate to the larger cities without harm.


The Nga Kaitiaki o te Whenua

Nga Kaitiaki o te Whenua (Guardians of the Land) are the current leaders of The Sky Temple. They have dedicated their lives to protecting the existence of Rangi Pouri. Knowledge of the magic protecting the islands and connection to AO have been passed down through generations. They represent order, peace, protection, and stability for the lands.

dantean Moltre.jpg

Dantean Moltre


iccad saciar.jpg

Iccad Saciar


Noelani Azure.jpg

Noelani Azure


makiraji morcant v2.png

Makiraji Morcant


Dantean Moltre

The serious leader of the islands fire genasi. Dantean comes from a long line of fire genasi that originally lived close to the now dormant volcano that the islands were formed from. His ancestors would eventually cause the volcano to stay at bay. When he was a teen he lost his father/mentor to was recorded as an accident to protecting the volcano, but he has always knew it was more than just an accident. Dantean has dedicated his life to the history of this land and is the Guardian or Order. He knows there are works against the best intentions of the island, and often can be overly guarded.

Iccad Saciar

The whimsical dragonborn leader that controls the sky. Descendant from great dragons that used to roam the skies protecting the islands with their wild magic. Before the time of the Dragonborn Assimilation, 4 Dragons used to protect the island. These 4 allowed the migration of Dragonborn to enter the islands and taught them the ways of controlling the skies. Iccad knows the secrets the skies carry and is the Guardian of Protection. He is often seen using a cane to guide his way. At a young age his sight faded but his magic and senses grew. All it takes is a small drop of a pebble and he can sense exactly where things are.

Noelani Azure

The cheerful leader of the water genasi. She descends from the island's original water genasi tribe that fought the volcano to keep the lands growing peacefully. Although Makiraji's family may have build the temples and cities, Noelani's along with Dantean's ancestors built the land. They were the original architects of the crescent islands surrounding the lowlands. Noelani is the Guardian of Peace. She has taken a vow of silence but communicates through sign language and telepathy. She if often seen as a mother nature of sorts, surrounded by animals.

Makiraji Morcant

The stern leader and highest of elves of the land, and specifically an Avariel. She is one of the oldest current Guardians at 500. She is the Guardian of Stability, as her ancestors were the architects of the sky temple and many of the major cities on Rangi Pouri and established the locations of major crops and resources that kept the islands flourishing. This storyline takes place on a celebration of her life at 500 years a festival that will be interrupted by this new event/attack on the islands.

Nga Atua Motu

Nga Atua Motu (The Island Gods) are the gods that AO had instructed to look over Rangi Pouri. He specifically chose several after seeing the possible outcomes to protect the Tablets of Fate. His orchestration of the Gods set to hide, protect, and guide the Guardians, is what will eventually be a sacrifice of a civilization that will lead to the last minute battle where he gets to destroy the tablets.

dream_TradingCard (13).jpg

Atua Tinihanga

The trickster god. Set to cause chaos and conflict among the inhabitants of the island. Many islanders worship them with a relaxed and "nothing matters" view on the world


Whaea Motu

The Island Mother. She helped create the plan of the islands with AO. She brought the Ginase to the islands, who often worship her.


Kingi Harore

The Fungus King, he often has been seen as a god of the underdeep. His worshipers often live inside the mountains where he bridges the island and underdeep passage ways.


Society on Rangi Pouri


Although Rangi Pouri is a closed off civilization there is still a large Guard presence, but not in the same way most civilizations have them. Although they are trained to help fight any major attacks on the islands. The Guards of Rangi Pouri, under Dantean's control, are the caregivers of the island. You will see them not only protecting the people of the islands, but they will be seen doing some odd jobs and just over all helping where they can on the island. They are widely respected through out the land as peace keepers by example. They not only will help you find your way they'll offer to carry some of your heavier wears. The Guards are a mix of all races of the island. The amount of guards varies per town, city, or village, some of their jobs may be patrolling the beaches and mountains looking out for ships/shipwrecks, some may stay in the cities walking the streets, and some may be at major buildings standing guard.


The Laborers of the island are the farmers, builders, community developers. Jobs in the labor section of this society will work on farms, on construction in the city, or helping over all infrastructure of the cities, and are under the command of Noelani, whom has made it very clear that the land itself, although altered should still be able to care for the creatures. Most of these decisions have caused the cities to be very much one with the land they are in. Wildlife is often seen and taken care of around the city, and the roads although clear to walk are still apart of the wildlife. They're experts at bending the land to their will without harming it. Laborers are seen as the foundation that keeps the community together, and encourage everyone to take pride in their land.


Although they may be closed off from the rest of Toril, this culture has a wide variety of entertainment on the island. There are dancers, singers, and a variety of artists that tell the stories of the past. The entertainers of this land are also scholars of the history of the land. Folk tales and documented accounts of major events in history are often celebrated in a large festivals celebrating their victories and also the lives of those that have passed. The entertainers keep up the spirits of the islands. Some well known entertainers are actually people that have been thought to be lost to sea, but washed up on the shore after being caught in the storm and created a new life for themselves telling their tails and adventures of others.


Medicine and Healing has come a long way on the islands that make up Rangi Pouri it consists of herbal and magical healing. Every town has at least 1 major healer and several students, and due to the benefits of over all life on the island, many of the healers are the eldest of the village.


Not everyone has a major job or role, many of the islanders live their daily lives without having to work. The majority of society in Rangi Pouri are peaceful people that support the workers and enjoy the entertainment provided by the entertainers. They treat anyone that has a job or role with up most respect. In this society it's much different than most, most of the commoners on the island have no major worries from their day to day life. (until now)




A 1-off or short campaign, set in the Liminal Woods of Rangi Pouri, on the south side of the larger island. Cabin is a thrilling, horror, and mystery based encounter launching the Rangi Pouri: Unspoken Legends Series. The islands of Rangi Pouri aren't a perfect utopia, although sheltered from the world by The Storm, the islands long history is riddled with unspoken legends. The Cabin starts with a group of locals going to the newly opened Liminal Retreat in the Liminal Woods, an experimental retreat that was created by an enthusiastic wizard named Ral Jembral. Ral discovered a path in the liminal woods that appeared to be easy to navigate for an exciting new retreat space and he's excited to invite people from all over Rangi Pouri for the opening weekend. Upon arriving to "The Liminal Retreat" the party is welcomed and shown to their cabin, a first night part ensues they get to meet other guests and staff, and go back to their cabins to await plans for day 2. Although they awaken in the middle of the night to a scream. If the party chooses to check it out the encounter and adventure begins around 3am when it's still a bit dark, or they awaken around mid day and it begins light out. When they exit their cabin everyone is gone, and it is up to the party to find out where everyone is and/or try to leave home. Although with the partying and being led to their cabin it's not so easy to remember the way back out. Now the game becomes escape, live, and maybe find out what happened along the way. This adventure is sure to have twists and turns, exciting custom maps, mystery, terror, and 3 endings that will be sure to shock the table. Be sure to check back for the 1st installment coming late 2023


  • Session 1 - Main Campaign outline

  • Main Character Icons

  • Gallery of Creatures

  • Always making more lore

Concrete Wall

RP: The Lost Chapters

Lost Chapters is a series of one off campaigns set in random locations on RP. These series of one offs are tailored to the groups looking to get a taste of the world of Rangi Pouri and may not have public campaign books, but specific events may make it into the lore of RP. The stories and characters will all help create more for the over all world of Rangi Pouri and these in person sessions will grow with test players.

Rangi Pouri has had a lot of love put into the world as is but play tests help bring outside views and conflicts to enhance the over all lore!

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